Kate Weiss

Kate Weiss

Kate Weiss specializes in early developmental trauma, attachment trauma and trauma endured as an adult. Through attuned listening, a supportive environment and somatic awareness she helps clients come to know themselves more deeply and with greater wisdom and self compassion. Symptoms and coping strategies are our ways of navigating underlying activation in the nervous system. Healing and relief from the struggles in our lives comes from our own inner wisdom and attunement to the cycles and coherence in our nervous system. Kate is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a Somatic Touch Practitioner.

Kate's post graduate training includes:
• Somatic Experiencing Certification
• Touch Trainings for Trauma Therapists
Somatic Resilience/Regulation for Early Developmental Trauma
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Certification
EMDR certification
Natural Processing (EMDR and Somatic therapy combined)
Transforming the Experienced Based Brain (primitive reflexes for early developmental trauma) will be completed in 2020.

Trainings Attended
TST (Touch Skills for Trauma), SRR (Somatic Resilience and Regulation)
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