Frequently Asked Questions for Practitioners

Do I have to have completed one of the listed classes or can I register as a student?

You must have completed one of the listed classes.

Can I be listed on this website if I have touch training from someone else?

No.  You must have completed one of Kathy Kain or Steve Terrell’s classes.

I missed one module of my class.  Can I still be listed?

No.  You must have completed all modules to be listed.

I can’t find my certificate of completion for the class I attended.  Help!

Your instructor will have your name listed on the class roster as having signed up, completed the class.  She/he/they can send you an email confirming completion.  To get proof of completion, an email can be sent to: (Touch Skills for Psychotherapist) or (Somatic Resilience and Regulation or Transforming the Experience-Based Brain). Please screen shot/take a photo of the email and attach it to your listing (under Attach, not Add a Picture).  We are asking that people’s credentialing be attached to their listing, not forwarded to  For organizational purposes, we want to keep people’s listings organized in once place.

Why do I have to be licensed in order to be listed?

For liability reasons, the administrators of the site need to ensure that each person listed has met the standards of your profession and trained in this work at a qualified level.  A license signifies that your state/governmental body has accepted your education/experience.  But in some states, licensure is not an option. We also realize that many graduates from around the world do not have mandated licensure.

I can’t get my picture accepted on my listing.  Help!

Next to the picture upload button, there is a set of sizing requirements.   You’ll need to make your picture fit these requirements.  You can google “How to re-format a picture on a mac/pc/phone” to re-format yours to fit.  Or place a listing without a picture until you can find a tech consult to help you. You can log in later (save your log in info) to add one.

Does it cost anything to be listed?

No, this is a free benefit for those who have graduated from one of our three programs. 

My country is not listed.  Can I still be in the directory?

Yes.  This directory is intended to be international.  We have set it up to cover the locations where trainings have already occurred, where there are practitioners.  But we also know (and hope!) that this work keeps growing.  We may need to add your country.  Please contact us at to let us know about your specific situation.  We will work to get you listed.

Why do I need to create a log in and password?

So that you can go back in and change your listing.

I’m not sure if my listing went in.  I don’t see my listing on the screen.  Now what?

If your listing was accepted as complete, you will get an email confirming that your listing is live now.  Check your spam folder if you don’t see an email.

Is there a help line for questions?

Email with questions or concerns.  We are all volunteers maintaining the site.  There isn’t phone support.  Please be patient.  J

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Co-Regulating Touch repairs the deeper wounds of trust and isolation through safety and connection. Deeper wounding is generally held in the body and can affect our health. Effective treatment is finally available through select practitioners.

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