Amar Dhall, SRR, NSW, Australia

Welcome to my profile!

I wear a few hats in my professional life, all aligned with my mission: to empower people to empower themselves so that we may live into our best, shared future.

I am a clinician registered with the Psychotherapists and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and based in Canberra, Australia, although using the wonders of modern technology, my clients are scattered across the world. I see clients in person in office at The Trauma and Well-Being Centre, which I established with my lovely partner in life and love, who is just finishing her Somatic Experiencing qualification. That website is here:

I love my clinical practice, in which I draw from different modalities, my initial training is as as post-Jungian psychotherapist and counsellor blends with Somatic Experiencing, therapeutic coaching and Somatic Resilience and Regulation techniques.

Trainings Attended
SRR - Somatic Resilience and Regulation
Fully insured.
Other Services
My philosophy for working with people is to integrate body and mind, which is why I have developed a suite of courses to support my skills as a body-aware practitioner. The courses are collectively called Life University because they approach the process forming frameworks of understanding for the journey of life.

Courses built:

The Embodied Brain: Befriending Your Nervous System,

Moving from Burnout to Flow,

Inner Criticism and Self Sabotage,

How to Stop Hurting the Ones You Love: Ending the Cycle of Drama,

Trauma-Informed Leadership for Life and Business,

Become a (non-violent) Boundary Badass,

Understanding Triggers and Taming Anger

...with more in the pipeline.

Along with some business partners, I have developed a certificate-based coaching course and a PACFA CPD-certified facilitation training, through our company Primal Intelligence (

I have published papers and presented at conferences in a number of areas, including trauma and legal practice and trauma-informed leadership for business and life.

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