Aida Mysan, SRR, New York, NY

Aida Mysan, SRR, New York, NY

As a trauma-informed somatic and psychedelic practitioner, I help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and overwhelm, or are dealing with difficult feelings and relationship issues, creative blocks,  life transitions and unresolved grief, stress, and trauma.

In our work together, and always with your approval, I will suggest using therapeutic touch when appropriate. I draw from several techniques, including Somatic Experiencing (SE), Somatic Resilience and Regulation (SRR), and Relational Bodywork and Somatic Education (BASE).

We will explore habitual somatic, emotional, and behavioral patterns that get in your way or keep you stuck. We will discover ways to grow beyond blockages and limiting beliefs and tend to the parts of you that need support. My approach is highly personalized and based on the client’s unique history, needs, and goals:
- With somatically based modalities, the body-mind connection is used as an untapped resource for healing to support you in accessing emotional, mental, and physical well-being.
- With psychedelic-assisted modalities, psychedelic agents (medical cannabis, ketamine, or others) may support you in accessing corrective healing mechanisms that become active during psychedelic states. 

As a result of this approach, my clients report better mood and sleep, increased sense of personal agency, expanded resiliency and resourcefulness, and improved capacity to connect with others. A bonus is having more energy and a heightened sense of vitality.

I am trained in multiple trauma-healing modalities and continue to pursue ongoing professional education or seek supervision. I also have extensive experience and training in using psychedelics for healing and spiritual growth. On this last point, I bring 25+ years of spiritual practices into my work, guided through formal yoga, mindfulness, and meditation training.

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SRR - Somatic Resilience and Regulation
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Psychedelic-assisted wellness.

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