PTSD Trauma Recovery Ana Mael

PTSD Trauma Recovery Ana Mael

Hi, I’m Ana, Nervous System Specialist and Somatic Practitioner!

I help adults with trauma histories, specifically those who have experienced relationship, social or authoritarian oppression in their families of origin and/or have intergenerational trauma history and power wounds stored in their bodies since birth and childhood.

I help people release their deepest traumas from their nervous system through somatic touch, polyvagal-informed education, practical somatic neurosensory modalities, and mindful support.

I work with Narcissistic and Sadistic Abuse Survivors, Complex PTSD, Patriarchal Systemic Trauma and Adults with Development Childhood Trauma,

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All sessions are on Zoom, serving worldwide clients.

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State: Ontario
Credentials: MSc, SP, STT
Trainings Attended: TEB (Transforming the Experience Based Brain)
Insurance/Finances: Do not accept insurance
Other Services: Zoom sessions for clients around the world and in person for Toronto clients

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