Megan Land McCarthy

Megan Land McCarthy

Megan has been practicing as an Occupational Therapist for the last 16 years, specializing in pediatrics. She also has postgraduate certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism from University of Massachusetts. She is currently completing her Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences. Her work with her clients has allowed her to explore pediatric OT in both mental and physical health capacities and in a variety of environments. Megan follows a family centered practice, believing that the family is the child’s primary source of strength and support.

Her interests and passion include working therapeutically with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, ODD, OCD, ASD or ADD/ADHD as well as Neuro-developmental disorders.

Megan has received training in and uses the following tools to guide her treatment plans, Sensory integration, Modified Interaction Guidance, Theraplay, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory and Somatic Experiencing.

Megan works in a community based mental health setting with a focus on children in care, children with medical trauma, and a variety of mental health co-morbidities (anxiety, depression, trauma and history of child abuse).

After completing SRR, Megan has developed the skills for working with individuals who have experienced developmental trauma.

State: Manitoba
Credentials: OT, SEP,
Trainings Attended: SRR (Somatic Resilience and Regulation)
Insurance/Finances: Blue Cross Provider

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