Claudine Kim-Murphy

Claudine Kim-Murphy

Since 2006, Claudine has been offering bodywork to guide folks of all ages toward a more expansive sense of self. In addition to Eastern and Western massage and energy-body therapies, her background includes training and practice in touch-work for developmental, shock, and complex trauma. She specializes in client-centered, individualized sessions that integrate a diverse range of somatic-based modalities. The foundation of every session is the sense of safety that is established and built in relationship. Claudine believes wholeheartedly in our ever-present resilience and body wisdom, and that – as social beings – we need caring, present connection as we access and navigate the path toward our full and vital selves. She strives to provide compassionate care in service of your increased sense of safety, capacity, transformation, and expansion into the inherent wholeness of being and life.

At this time, Claudine offers online sessions exclusively. In her professional practice and personally (as a client), she has discovered great potency for tangible, positive results in the virtual approach. She is happy and grateful to be able to continue offering effective body therapy in this alternate format.

State: Washington
Credentials: Licensed Massage Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher
Trainings Attended: SRR (Somatic Resilience and Regulation), TEB (Transforming the Experience Based Brain)

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